Oct 03, 2019

Apr 13, 2020 How To Delete Facebook Data Forever | Time Jul 24, 2019 How to Delete a Facebook Group - 2020 (Updated Steps)

Facebook is hitting news headlines with new data breaches daily. Users are beginning to delete their accounts – and you can’t blame them. If you also want to join the #DeleteFacebook movement or have your own reasons to quit, then read on to learn how to deactivate your Facebook account.

How to delete your Facebook account completely? Is it possible to completely delete your Facebook profile, messages, photos, videos and friends. Here is a complete way to get rid of unwanted notification, fake friend request, complex setting measures, and privacy concerns. How to delete a Facebook Story. 1. Log into your Facebook page on your Mac or PC, or through the mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone. 2. Go to the Stories section at the top of your News Sep 29, 2018 · It will take 90 days for Facebook to delete all your photos, videos, posts, likes, comments, messages, and everything else. Other Facebook users won’t be able to visit your profile during the Tap in the top right of Facebook. Scroll down and tap Settings. Scroll down to the Your Facebook Information section and tap Account Ownership and Control. Tap Deactivation and Deletion, and select Delete Account.

2 days ago · Your Facebook profile contains your personal information whereas a Facebook Page carries information about businesses, groups, and individuals. Now, if you already have a Facebook page and you want to delete it for any reason, it's useful to know that there are various ways to do so.

New Facebook Go to your Page and click Page Settings in the bottom left. From General, click Remove Page. Click Delete [Page name].