Safari's private mode on Mac not only lets you surf the Internet without saving your offline browsing activity. It also helps prevent web trackers from profiling you. But despite its many privacy benefits, you can't help but think about the flip side.If you hand your Mac over to someone else,…

Jan 20, 2016 · Why browsing privately is a big deal. When you want to perform a web search without the next person to use the computer knowing what you were looking up, such as when you were shopping for the holidays, you might want to use a new private browsing window in Safari to get the job done. If you use Safari on your Mac for your private browsing needs, you might want to stop. MacIssues points out that all those URLs you visit in private mode are still saved in a database file that Aug 05, 2016 · Enable Private Browsing. By enabling Private Browsing, you can prevent Safari from remembering the pages you visit and any AutoFill information, while any tabs you open within a private window won Turn on Private Browsing on Mac. When you wish to choose Private browsing on your Mac when using Safari, Select Safari > Private Browsing. This icon is located in the upper left hand side of the screen and you can activate it when the drop down menu appears. Click OK on the confirmation message. This will activate the private browsing function.

How To Check Safari Private Browsing History On Mac OS X

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OK - This *****! I was able to delete Safari all together off my Mac, and use a different browser and block private mode browsing. I updated the iOS, and Safari has returned and now I cannot delete the Safari application.