ignorant definition: The definition of ignorant is something or someone lacking in knowledge, or is stupid or rude. (adjective) An example of ignorant is a person who is has no knowledge of politics. An example of ignorant is a dumb person with no kn

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years. Mark Twain. Love, Funny, Motivational 73 Copy quote. The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism. Use of the word ignorant in a sentence example Sentence example with the word 'ignorant' ignorant a novice at, empty, immature, lackbrained, pin-brained, unaccustomed to, undeveloped, uninitiated, unpracticed in, unthinking, weaned Definition adj. uneducated in general Last update: July 23, 2015 How to use ignorant in a sentence. Example sentences with the word ignorant. ignorant example sentences. Examples of Ignorant in a sentence. My little sister was ignorant of the rules of the playground and pushed and shoved all of the other children. 🔊 It was hard to hate the ignorant man since he truly didn’t know any better. 🔊 The staff was surprised that a scholarly judge would be so ignorant of the proper use of English. 🔊 Society's use of a term partly determines the concepts of individuals in the society, even of such medically ignorant individuals as Bert. However, you certainly have no problem exercising your right to be self-centered and ignorant to world affairs. CK 1 1497643 Tom is an ignorant fool. Spamster 1 2218462 You're totally ignorant. CK 1 274822 Many economists are ignorant of that fact. CK 1 887319 She often takes advantage of his ignorance. CK 1 870570 I plead ignorance. alexmarcelo 276998 Ignorance is bliss. Zifre 260585 I was ignorant of his plan. CM 301444 He pretended to be ignorant.

With the light of education, I shall try to remove the darkness of ignorance. Superstitions are based on fear of ignorance. Ignorance is the mother of evil and all miseries we see. Our ignorance about the future is also responsible for the growth of superstitions. To be conscious of your ignorance is the first step towards knowledge. Wisdom is nothing more than Read moreignorance in a sentence

Examples of Ignorance in a sentence The woman’s ignorance regarding Hispanic culture led her to assume that everyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican. Ignorance was a factor in the company’s mistake as they didn’t realize the product was faulty when shipping it.

265+8 sentence examples: 1. For a cultivated man to be ignorant of foreign languages is a great inconveniece. 2. It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument. 3. Science has no enemy but the ignorant. 4. What we are ignorant of is immense.

Semblably Titus Livius writeth that, in the solemnization time of the Bacchanalian holidays at Rome, both men and women seemed to prophetize and vaticinate, because of an affected kind of wagging of the head, shrugging of the shoulders, and jectigation of the whole body, which they used then most punctually. Sep 14, 2006 · Ignorant as a kish of brogues, worth fifty thousand pounds. At that time, I was as nave and ignorant as a schoolboy regarding stocks and shares. Contextually, one is totally ignorant as to what transpired on this tape/DVD which Ms. A good guess is that everyone is ignorant as to the true nature of reality, to varying degrees. How to use biological in a sentence. Biological pronunciation. The last woods is a wonderfully interesting biological point or line; this ultimate arm of the forest does not die away gradually with uncertain edges and in steadily dwindling trees. How can you use ignorance in a sentence? His failure to follow simple instructions was not a misunderstanding but simply the result of plain ignorance. After answering the question wrong, Celia's which the readers might have been ignorant to/about. to which the readers might have been ignorant. I'm not certain if the second one is gramatically valid, otherwise I'd pick that one. The first sentence seems ok, but of course there's this unwritten rule that you should never end your sentences with a preposition. Ignorant quotes from YourDictionary: The mythos-over-logos argument points to the fact that each child is born as ignorant as any caveman. What keeps the world from reverting to the Neandertal with each generation is the continuing, ongoing mythos, tra Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word ignorant: . See ignorant used in context: 17 poetry verses, 42 Shakespeare works, 3 quotations, 15 Bible passages, 18 definitions