Stability of Buffered Lidocaine and Epinephrine Used for

Buffering Anesthetic Carpules - Where The Dental Community 2. An anesthetic buffered to physiologic pH has less sting. 3. Neutral pH anesthetics cross the nerve membrane much quicker than acidified LA. 4. Sodium bicarbonate, used as the buffer, reacts to form CO 2, which is an anesthetic potentiator. Take-home message: buffering dental LA lets you give a less painful, quicker-acting shot using less What is buffering anesthetic and how does it benefit me Jan 13, 2017 Dental Anesthesia Side Effects | Colgate® Oral Care

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Clinical trials 17,18 have demonstrated that, done properly-achieving the desired pH (~7.4)-the administration of a buffered local anesthetic provides a more rapid onset of more profound anesthesia, comfortably, and with less post-injection soreness. The authors of this paper recommend that all dental local anesthetic injections using articaine

Dental Anesthetic Buffering Agent

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