Enter the Network password. The "Enter Network Password" window will appear. Skip user name and type the router's password (admin is the default password, if you haven't changed it) and click the OK button. Type in OpenDNS addresses,,, in Static DNS 1 and Static DNS 2 fields.

OpenDNS is perhaps the second-most popular DNS service because in some cases it can be more than 150% faster than Google Public DNS and it also provides some extra filtering features. It's also typically faster than the default name servers assigned by ISPs. OpenDNS vs Google DNS: Which is Better ? OpenDNS was the undisputed solution to slow DNS earlier. Though the Level 3 DNS server ( was often better, lack of commitment from Level 3 to keep it available made choosing that option difficult. There has also been rumours of Level 3, shutting down the service. OpenDNS blocks phishing websites that try to steal your identity and login information by pretending to be a legitimate website. Surf the Web with confidence. Over 30,000,000 homes, schools, and businesses of all sizes rely on OpenDNS for a better Internet. The reason why Google wants to get into this is because most ISP’s DNS servers are slow, unreliable or allow attacks in. Now the question is, should you use Google for your DNS, or the well-known OpenDNS service instead? Open DNS. It’s domain servers for you to use are, and Sep 04, 2018 · To use Google DNS servers, the principal is the same as above until you reach point 4. At that point change the DNS resolvers to “” and “” instead of the Open DNS ones. Whichever system you select, changing the DNS on an Android device is quick and easy.

Cloudflare DNS Promises Faster and More Secure Internet

Jul 31, 2017 · You should use specialized third-party DNS serivces like OpenDNS or Google DNS for faster and better Internet. OpenDNS is a service that extends the Domain Name System (DNS). In addition to acting as a regular DNS server, it provides extra features like phishing protection and content filtering .

Google Public DNS is a new, simple, and much faster when compared to openDNS and comes very handy in cases when DNS servers of your Internet Service Provider aren’t responding in a timely manner. Head-on to my previous post to know – How to Setup Google Public DNS IPs for Your Internet Connection

Using OpenDNS or Google DNS in your Network - Spiceworks For OpenDNS the addresses are: For Google: When the IP's resolve to names and you get the green checks, you know you are good to go! Click OK to this window then click OK to the server Properties window. Is there any reason I SHOULDN'T use Google's open DNS With Google Public DNS, we collect IP address (only temporarily) and ISP and location information (in permanent logs) for the purpose of making our service faster, better and more secure. Specifically, we use this data to conduct debugging and to analyze abuse phenomena. After 24 … Know if Google DNS or OpenDNS or Any Other is Fastest For You Feb 08, 2018