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(Solved) - Unable to add a Gmail account to Outlook 2010 This is the feature you can use in Gmail to get a verification code sent to your cell phone to allow you to log in to Gmail. After I did that, in Outlook 2010 I add up my Gmail account using IMAP as per the respective HowToGeek’s post, and Eureka!!! it did work this time. What problems do you find in Gmail? - Quora I think the bulk of problems with any email client can normally be attributed to User Errors or inexperience of the user. For example a comment below refers to technicalities in a subject line and how Gmail doesn't anticipate the context or misint Gmail - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Windows 10's Mail app is deleting Gmail users' emails

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Gmail Help Manage your Gmail account. Sign in or out. Security & privacy. Account information. Create a username. Best practices for work or school accounts. Read & organize emails. Read emails. Organize emails. Find emails. Import & forward emails. Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail. Tips & Tricks. Get G Suite add-ons. How to Check If Your Gmail Is Working - Lifewire Mar 25, 2020