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Create custom store listings to target specific countries With custom store listings, you can tailor your app’s store listing to appeal to specific user segments in countries that you select. If your app has a global audience, you can use custom store listings to accurately showcase your app’s features and communicate what’s great about your app in ways that are relevant to users in different countries. How to Download Apps from Another Country on iPhone or iPad Jan 08, 2019 Is it possible to submit 2 versions for the same app for 2

Oct 04, 2017

Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature shuts out smaller competitors 2 days ago · Apple keeps a tight grip over the App Store, where about $50 billion is earned by developers every year, not including ad revenue.The store also acts as the company’s hulking bouncer, picking

How can i download app from another country store

Install Apps That Aren't Available in your Country's Feb 26, 2012 App Stores List (2019) - Business of Apps Sep 06, 2019 Localization - Apple Developer Localize Your Product Page. Localize your App Store metadata in App Store Connect — such as your app description, keywords, app previews, and screenshots — for each of the countries or territories in which you offer your app. You can also translate your app’s name and tailor your keywords to reflect the values of each market so your app might better resonate with the local audience. How can i download app from another country store