Jun 30, 2017 · UK Government warned of ‘serious consequences’ of extreme internet surveillance plans 'It is neither the cause nor the enabler of crime or terrorism' Aatif Sulleyman

Nov 17, 2016 · Britain has passed the 'most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy' The law forces UK internet providers to store browsing histories -- including domains visited -- for one year, in Nov 04, 2015 · New surveillance laws have been announced by Home Secretary Theresa May. Under the plans, a list of websites visited by every person in the UK will be recorded for a year and could be made Nov 07, 2017 · KARMA POLICE was designed to allow the GCHQ to build “a web-browsing profile for every visible user on the internet.” In Historic Ruling, UK Surveillance Secrecy Declared Unlawful. The UK government is planning to push greater surveillance powers that would force internet providers to monitor communications in near-realtime and install backdoor equipment to break encryption, according to a leaked document. From a report on ZDNet: A draft of the proposed new surveillance powers

Germany has passed an unprecedented spate of new surveillance and security laws, often with impossibly long and hard to understand names. DW guides you through the most important of them.

Interception Modernisation Programme: An initiative to extend the UK government's capability to lawfully intercept and store communications data in a central database. Mastering the Internet (MTI): A clandestine mass surveillance program led by the British intelligence agency GCHQ. GCHQ does not itself have the relationships with the largest Internet companies the NSA has used in its PRISM programme, since very few of them are located within the UK. But it clearly has the legal authority to conduct large-scale surveillance of communications entering or leaving the UK. Nov 06, 2015 · The online surveillance debate is really about whether you trust governments or not The hyperbole about privacy versus security renders us unable to have serious

Jul 01, 2020 · China’s surveillance net already extends far beyond the confines of the Internet, blanketing virtually all of its cities, thereby giving its police vast powers to monitor its citizens. This transference of this know-how to other nations should be a development that should scare everyone interested in a censor-less and free Internet.

Jan 30, 2018 · UK mass digital surveillance regime ruled unlawful. This article is more than 2 years old. Judges say snooper’s charter lacks adequate safeguards around accessing personal data. Definition Internet surveillance is the monitoring of the online behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people and often in a surreptitious manner. It most refers to the observation of individuals or groups by governmental organizations. Overview Surveillance may refer to observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment (such as CCTV cameras), or Nov 19, 2016 · A bill giving the UK intelligence agencies and police the most sweeping surveillance powers in the western world has passed into law with barely a whimper, meeting only token resistance over the Sep 17, 2018 · What Is Internet Surveillance? As a brief definition, Internet surveillance refers to your computer and online activity, online and offline data, and Internet traffic being monitored and logged by government agencies, ISPs, and – potentially – cybercriminals.