I have an Orbi RBK50. Works great. However, I recently went to 200Mbps on my internet speed through the cable company. My Orbi will not go past 100Mbps, my previous speed limit. The modem/router combo gets the 200 Mbps but the Orbi even after doing a factory reset and fresh install will not go a

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Seens that my Edge "limits" the speed of my download. I download a Google Drive file, separately, with only one Browser running at a time. Chrome: i can download around 10MB/s. Edge: around 2MB/s . I already try to re-install the Edge Dev and clear the settings, but keeps happening the same thing I've tried to reset my ISP Settings.

How to Set Upload and Download Limits for Windows 10 Updates Dec 31, 2018 Will limiting upload decrease download speed? - Quora

Select, download and install a traffic-shaping program like NetBalancer, Traffic Shaper XP or NetLimiter to the computer for which you want to limit speed or bandwidth (see Resources). Step 2 Limit download and upload speeds to your computer overall, or prioritize which applications use available bandwidth first and how much they use.

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